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Monday, 2 June 2014 12:26 0 sparkle(s)

Hi everyone! 
I haven't been updating for a long time ;-; but now school is almost over (I have to take the FCE soon, though) and I have much more time to update my blog!
So, I'm going straight to the point hehe ~ I prepared a list of posts that I am going to write during the next weeks, I hope you're looking forward to them haha ^^
Here it is:

If you want, let me know in the comments below which post you'd like to read first 
Oh, I was almost forgetting about that, there's a really exciting news! :) I am going abroad soon, I can't tell you more about that now, but I'll make sure I keep you updated on that through this blog and also through an Instagram account I am creating soon!

Thank you all for following me! It really means a lot 

Lots of love, 

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Life Update
Sunday, 11 May 2014 13:13 0 sparkle(s)

Hellooo ~ image
I am really sorry that I can't get to update my blog often, but it's exams period and I am really busy with school image
Anyway, this post is going to be a "Life Update" of the last two or three weeks, I hope you enjoy this peek into my life!

So, two weeks ago I was on spring break and I went to the mountains with my family! 
The weather was extremely good, the sun shining in the blue sky and a slight breeze blowing, the landscapes were breathtaking and the hotel was really comfortable, but I must admit that this whole thing was a threaten to my diet haha ~ the dishes we could eat at the hotel's restaurant were simply delicious and the buffet was huge so it was really hard for me to keep myself from eating a lot ... okay I didn't keep myself from eating a lot, I ate tons of terrific food! image

Actually there is not much to tell about this holiday because the word food pretty much sums it all up haha~
I also skied and from the slopes I could take some really cute pictures of the beautiful scenery, I am going to leave a couple of them right  below.

These places really transmit me a beautiful sense of freedom. Being there, almost in the middle of nothing, was just amazing and made me feel in peace with myself.

Now let's skip the boring part and let's go straight into food again hehe ~
Yesterday was in fact my birthday and my two closest friends and I went out and we had dinner at a Japanese Restaurant in our town.
I can't even express the yumminess of what I ate there image everything was so delicious, I would have tasted every option of the menu! image
But my stomach seems to have shrunk actually so there was room only for a few plates and my wallet is thankful for that hehe~

So here's what I had for dinner at my birthday (the waitresses kept glancing at me because I was taking countless pictures of the dishes haha)

Deco-mail pictograms of Heart Japanese Sweet Bread ~ 
probably one of the best things I have ever eaten and I am being completely serious! I am SO in love with this bread, it's super soft and it's filled with a sweet yellowish cream that makes it taste AMAZING.
And plus it is bunny-shaped! How cute is that? image I just can't resist their cuteness and deliciousness!

Deco-mail pictograms of Heart Fried Octupus ~ 
This was kind of deceiving, but still tasted nice hehe I was hoping for more octopus and I got a lot of "fried" with very little octupus in the inside image

Deco-mail pictograms of Heart Fried Chicken with tonkatsu sauce ~ 
This dish tastes wonderful, it probably is thanks to the sauce because otherwise it would just taste like fried chicken, but I can only tell you that if I hadn't been that full I would definitely have eaten three more portions of it! 

Deco-mail pictograms of Heart Grilled prawn dumplings ~ 
These dumplings were terrific, even though they didn't seem grilled to me haha image

Deco-mail pictograms of Heart Crepes with rice ice cream and azuki bean cream ~ 
I was quite curious to taste this dessert because I love both rice ice cream and azuki beans and I must say that I don't regret ordering it at all even though the portion was huge image

I also bought a new nail polish, I am going to review it soon, as for now I leave you a picture of it so you can tell me if you like the shade 
It's the Kiko Quick Dry nail polish in the shade 820, it's a pearly white colour with some really really tiny golden glitters, I think it is super cute! I got it for 1€ which is quite a bargain because it was discounted and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it haha ~ 

I think I am going to use the "Pastel Mauve" by Ives Rocher as a base to make the nail polish really stand out! What do you think about it? :)

I am also going shopping tomorrow so I am 99% sure that a Haul post will be up soon ~

I hope I didn't bore you with this post, thank you very much for reading Deco-mail pictograms of Heart

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Natural Beauty: DIY Nail Remedy + Favourite products
Monday, 28 April 2014 03:47 5 sparkle(s)

Hello lovelies ~
I'm finally back, after a sort of hiatus due to school work!
Today I am going to start with a new series of posts dedicated to DIY beauty tricks that I decided to call "Natural Beauty".
Every DIY recipe that I propose will already have been tested by me and I will also provide a personal review of each of them.
So, I hope you'll like it and ... let's get started!
Today's DIY recipe is very easy, effective and inexpensive and it is dedicated to nails.
Nails have been pretty critical for me, because I wanted to have long beautiful nails but they used to break off in layers a lot even though I used a strengthener and I used to get really upset over that, but, while reading a magazine I found out about this natural remedy and I decided that it was worth a try.
I must admit that I was kind of skeptical at first, but it really worked!

♥ 1 spoonful of lemon juice
♥ 2 spoonful of extra virgin olive oil

Mix the two ingredients together in a small bowl and then soak your nails in the mixture for at least 10-15 minutes.
If your nails appear to be really weak and damaged you can do it once a day, when they become stronger you can use this mixture once or twice a week as you like!

As you can see it's really simple to prepare and it is really going to work!
I used it for a whole week after cutting off my nails and I noticed a reasonable growth and strength improvement at the end of the week.
Then I stopped using it for the next week and my nails were still strong and didn't break off in layers anymore.

Let me know if you try it and if it works for you as it did for me ♥

Now, as I'm already talking about nails, I would like to briefly review for you a couple products I've been using and loving during the past month.

The first one is the Beautè des mains - handcream by Yves Rocher

This handcream is long lasting and moisturizing and a small amount of it is enough for both your hands.
I've been in love with it because it has some natural ingredients, it's paraben free and I also quite like the smell of it; it leaves my hand really moist and protects them!
I have it in the 75 ml size and as I have been given it by my cousin as a present I don't know which is its price, but after a brief research I think that it should cost around 5-6 €, even though I'm not quite sure and I think it may depend from where you buy it; you can check it on Yves Rocher website ~
I'm giving it  out of 5 and I am definitely going to buy it again when I run out of it!

The second product is the Soin Durcissant nail polish by Yves Rocher

It came with the handcream in the present I received and I must say that at first, as I wrote above, this nail strengthener didn't really work for me because my nails were probably excessively weak, but after trying the natural oil and lemon remedy, using this nail polish turned out to be quite helpful to protect and also to strengthen my nails.
As for the cream, unfortunately, I'm not able to tell you which his price is, but I'd recommend you try it.
I'm giving it  out of 5!

That's all for today, I hope you liked this article!
Let me know which your favourite products are as well! :)


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My Wishlist ~
Tuesday, 18 March 2014 13:30 12 sparkle(s)

This afternoon I went through Storenvy super cute stores and I spotted some really amazing items that I really would like to buy, so here I go with my wishlist ~

Beige Angel Wings Backpack

Vintage Style Bowknot Heels

Instax Mini Polaroid Camera ~ I couldn't find it on Storenvy, but I really love it 

Gold Cat Ears Headband ~ old but gold heuheu

Kitty Face Wedges 

Thanks for reading 
Lots of love,

~ I don't own any of these pictures ~

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